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Why You Need to Attend NamesCon

NamesCon is the #1 event for the domain name industry. We connect domain name investors with the forces that advance this important area of the tech world. There’s a lot of hype around digital assets, and at NamesCon you’ll cut straight to the genuinely valuable insights.

At NamesCon you’ll meet
  • Registries
  • Registrars
  • Service Providers
  • Brokers
  • IP lawyers & brand protection
  • Governing bodies
  • Investors
  • Brands & Startups

Join us to discover

  • How domain names work
  • How value is created in digital space
  • How the right domain name can spell success for a business or brand
  • How to build a career with digital assets
  • How AI is impacting your domaining career
  • How to make sense of emerging namespaces like Web3
  • How domaining fits into the larger world of digital services

Each year, hundreds of newcomers are welcomed by the friendly NamesCon community, where everyone understands that a well-informed and ethical industry is a healthy industry.

Highlights from NamesCon Global 2024

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller

Managing Director

Hilco Digital Assets

Andrew Miller’s High-Stakes Deals: How Does He Do It?

Andrew Miller of Hilco Digital Assets has overseen some of the most significant, high-profile deals in domaining. His blockbuster transactions include Home.com, Chat.com, and Universal.com; and the companies he has founded include CreditCards.com and InsuranceQuotes.com. So how does he do it? The answer to that question is relevant to anyone who wants to enjoy meaningful success in the domain game—so join Miller for a NamesCon keynote chat, as he discusses what it takes to set up and close high-stakes deals.

#DomainInvesting #Brokerage #Sales #DomainDevelopment

Andrew Rosener



The Climb To The Top: A Conversation with Andrew Rosener

Andrew Rosener didn’t come up with the term “the Rosener Equation” for his valuation methodology: the rest of the industry did. He is behind some of the biggest deals in domaining – including selling Prime.com to Amazon, Zoom.com to Zoom, and X.com to Elon Musk. Awarded Broker of the Year for six consecutive years and featured on renowned life-hacker Tim Ferriss’s podcast, Drew has reinvented domain valuation methodology, investing strategy, and figuring out what’s about to rock the digital world next—so join him for a peek under the hood of his massively-successful domaining and brokerage machine. 
#Brokerage #Valuation #InvestmentStrategy #BusinessIntelligence

paul m v2
Paul Mockapetris

Inventor of the DNS

From Code to Commerce: 40 Years of DNS and Domains with Paul Mockapetris

Take a thrilling trip through the evolution of the domain industry with Paul Mockapetris, the trailblazing architect of the Domain Name System (DNS)—the very foundation upon which the domain name industry stands. Hear firsthand from Mockapetris about the evolution and future of the DNS, and its implications for the domain landscape and explore how this revolutionary technology continues to shape the way we navigate the digital realm. Find out how new technologies and use cases might impact the domain industry and what lies ahead for domain professionals.

#DNS #NameSpace #BusinessIntelligence #InternetHallOfFame

Art headShot
Art Malkov



The Numbers Don’t Lie—But Are You Listening?

Learn how to collect and analyze relevant data to make well-informed investments in today’s market—because that’s what you’ll need to succeed! Web3Lab Co-Founder Art Malkov sits down with Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire to show you the power of data, where it can lead, and how it can help you plan a more sophisticated investing strategy.
#DataDriven #Web3 #InvestmentStrategy #RealNumbers

Kate Buckley


Demystifying Domain Valuation: See Through the Eyes of the Buyer

We’re not gonna lie, domain valuation is complicated—but it gets much easier if you can see a potential deal from the buyer’s perspective. Join Defining.com Founder/CEO Kate Buckley and Senior Brand Partner Todd Henderson as they explore the key factors your prospective buyer is considering.

#Brokerage #Branding #Negotiation #Empathy

Todd Ryan

American Business Capital Corporation & ABC Productions

AI, Domains, and Web3: Navigating the Domain Frontier and Exploring the Future of Domains

Join Todd Ryan (American Business Capital Corp.) and expert guests for a thought-provoking discussion that explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, domain technology, and Web3. Gain insights into domain tokenization, fractionalization, and the impact of blockchain platforms on investors and businesses.

#AI #Web3 #blockchain #fractionalization

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Sessions to Expect at NamesCon

How to Value Domain Names Step-by-Step

This is Domaining 101: learning the key characteristics that define a domain name, use them to find relevant, recent, and retail-priced comparable sales, and know how to value domain names in the wholesale and retail markets. Increasing your valuation accuracy sets you up to make better decisions in both buying and selling domain names.

Monetizing Web Traffic

The latest insights on how to profit from the traffic hitting your domain. This expert panel brings together the masters of traffic, who will help you take advantage of the dynamics shaping this cornerstone of domain investing.

Real Numbers!

The domaining industry is notorious for holding its cards close to the vest—real numbers can be rare. At NamesCon, though, the biggest deal-makers in the business give attendees a rare glimpse at what drives their decision-making. But you have to be in the room when it happens!

Alternative Digital Assets

Building a future-proof career means diversifying your potfolio to include not only what buyers want today, but what they will want tomorrow. From fractional ownership to adult domain names; Web3 to fantasy sports (!!!), there are more digital asset types than most investors realize. Set yourself up for success at NamesCon!

Blockchain Domains

Learn how domain names work on the blockchain as this keystone of emerging internet technology evolves. Getting a handle on how namespaces work on the blockchain will give you a whole new set of tools for building your business.

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