Why Namescon?

Don't miss NamesCon Global 2022

If you work on the web, you need to be at NamesCon

NamesCon Global is the largest annual domain-industry conference, bringing together professionals from all corners of this specific and exciting space. You will connect with:



Web hosting companies


Brand managers

Domain name investors


Affiliate marketing companies

Parking companies

Financial service providers

Individual end-users

… and everyone else in between!

Don't Miss This Year's Keynote Speakers

Bhavin Turahkia

who turned a tiny start-up into a multi-billion-dollar empire.

Kate Buckley

the digital-media CEO who will teach you to tell better stories to convert leads into sales

Erin McKean

founder of the world’s largest online dictionary, who will walk you through where language is going next

Paul Mockapetris

inventor of the DNS system on which the internet as you know it is built

Meet Some NamesCon Attendees

“It’s always a great way to start the year with partners and friends from across the world. A very unique facet of the domains industry is that competitors are friends, and the circle shares so much for everyone to learn and grow. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing more on the cryptocurrency impact on domains, and basically gathering as much food for thought as I can.”

—Neha Naik, Director, Channel Partnerships at Radix

“I am looking forward to connecting with domainers! I am still very new to this industry and always love to hear everyone’s stories of how they become involved with this industry.”

—Andreia Soares, Manager of Marketplace Operations, BrandBucket

“I love attending NamesCon because it is the one event that everyone in the industry goes to every year. I am so happy to see friends, both old and new, to share a drink/meal with people who have known me for years through DomainSherpa but whom I’ve never met, to hear their story. It motivates and drives me to produce better content that helps more people.”

—Michael Cyger, Founder & Publisher, DNAcademy