Domain Auction


You won’t want to miss the live NamesCon/RightOfTheDot Domain Auction on Thursday, January 30, from 4-7:30pm Central Time in Austin, Texas. A cornerstone of NamesCon, this is where you put your heart, nerve, and industry knowledge on the line for some seriously high stakes. Last year’s domain auction was the biggest in NamesCon history, with OL.COM selling for $900,000 on the floor. That evening, LEADS.COM sold for $435,000. It wasn’t just a night for high-dollar names: several four-letter .COMs sold for under $800 to eagle-eyed investors.

Everything you know about the domain industry comes into play when you bid for a name, as you test your nerves against your peers in the room as well as investors around the world on the internet.

Our friends at RightOfTheDot are bringing this live auction to the industry for the fifth year, this time on an updated platform provided by our partners at GoDaddy. Please note that you must have a free, valid GoDaddy account and payee information set up prior to submitting domains for auction. The proceedings begin at 4pm on January 30, with the live auction kicking off at 4:30pm—world champion auctioneer Wayne Wheat will keep things moving at a brisk pace. You can get started right here: create your free GoDaddy account and set up your payee info, then hit the buttons below to get in on the action. If you cannot attend in person, you may bid remotely through ProxyBid.