May 31 – June 3, 2023 in Austin, Texas

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Less than a week until NamesCon Global 2023 kicks off in Austin! We’re looking forward to the biggest NamesCon in YEARS. We can’t wait to see you there!








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We’re Building Even Bigger

NamesCon is the #1 event for the domain name industry, where the domaining world gathers to move forward. We’re building on the momentum of NamesCon Global 2022, where this dynamic community reconnected in person after nearly three years of remote events. We’ve combined everything we’ve learned since the pandemic to augment how we deliver a face-to-face experience.

NamesCon Agenda
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Highlights from the
NamesCon Agenda

The Future is Now: Position Your Portfolio to Meet Emerging Trends

Discover innovative ways for finding the best possible domain names to acquire in order to achieve brand dominance and a digital identity that stands out from the crowd. You’ll also learn how to price your hand-registered domain names in order to increase your sell-through rate. Experts Alex Verdea, Joseph Ciprut, and Dennis Tinerino join star broker Kate Buckley to help you identify the best call-to-action and exact-match domains at the lowest price possible.
#BrandableDomains #DomainInvestor #DomainSales #Outbound

What’s My Domain Worth?

The classic crowd favorite is back! You’ll experience real-time, no-BS domain valuation with this legendary expert panel, with case studies from high-profile sales—and names from your own portfolio. That’s right, attendees will have a chance to get their prized names appraised during this session and its raucous Q&A. Braden Pollock will host a panel of experts including Larry Fischer, Rehan Ahmad, and Deepak Daftari. Experience, intuition, and the latest diagnostic techniques come into play to tell you whether you’ve got gold… or garbage!
#Valuation #DomainSales #Monetization #PortfolioStrategy

AI and Brandable Domains: The New Frontier of Domain Investing 

In this dynamic session, leading industry experts Darpan Munjal, Founder and CEO of; and Andrew Miller, Managing Director of Hilco Digital Assets, will show you the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on domain investing, unveiling unprecedented opportunities for investors. Gain invaluable insights into the rising significance of brandable domains and harness the power of cutting-edge AI technologies to excel in every aspect of domain investing. 
#Branding #AI #MarketResearch #Outbound

The Deals that Matter

Catch a conversation with Leanne McMahon, domain investor and founder of domain sales analysis site, which shares details and stats on the domain name sales that matter. She will be joined in conversation by Ron Jackson of DNJournal. If you want straightforward insights into what works and what doesn’t in forming a built-to-last domaining career, then you can’t afford to miss this session!
#DomainSales #PortfolioStrategy #DomainIndustryStats #DomainInvestor

The Greatest Stories Never Told

Inside scoops on major domain deals are very rare, so don’t miss the chance to be in the room when it happens! Experienced domain investors and advisors Andrew Miller and Larry Fischer are joined by a surprise guest (no spoilers just yet) to dig into how some of the most historic and important domain name transactions went down, and the case studies that will inspire tomorrow’s mega-deals.
#Sales #Negotiation #PremiumDomains

Highlight Speakers

In Person – In Austin

David Lazowski


Yue Dai


Steven Tey


One Word Domains

website jimmy wales 2

Jimmy Wales



Meet our Speakers

Todd Henderson

Todd Henderson



Bill Sweetman

Bill Sweetman


Name Ninja

Ammar Kubba



Michael Gilmour

Michael Gilmour



Andrew Allemann


Domain Name Wire

NC 23_Page Howe

Page Howe


NC 23_George Bundy

George Bundy

Founder, Chairman & CEO

BRS Media Inc

Mariah Reilly

Sr. Director, Channel Management

Identity Digital

Chad Folkening



Joseph  NamesCon photo

Joseph Ciprut

Managing Director


Elie 1

Elie Eweka



Evanson Photo

Dave Evanson

Senior Broker

Deepak Ramani



Mr. A Watson Photo

Ajene Watson

Managing Director

Dot Hip Hop, LLC


Braden Pollock


Legal Brand Marketing

What is NamesCon?

NamesCon Global brings together the domain investors and service providers who build and grow the digital asset industry—from domain names to emerging digital assets. Get ready to think very far outside the box! Partner with us to find new customers and build the relationships that drive this person-to-person business.


Insights and inspiration from industry heavyweights and global thought leaders.


Deep discussions on pressing topics in the industry with a diverse group of experts.


Interactive session with actionable outcomes

Face to Face

Networking as it’s meant to be: bond with your peers at social activities and parties to close deals and form new partnerships.


Grab once-in-a-lifetime premium names at this domain industry cornerstone.


Meet your most motivated customers face to face in a high-energy environment.

Watch our NamesCon Global 2023 Trailer

Who You’ll Meet At

NamesCon is the most important event for the domain name industry. We connect domain name investors with the forces that advance this important area of the tech world. There’s a lot of hype around digital assets, and at NamesCon you’ll cut straight through it and get to the genuinely valuable insights. Once you get to NamesCon Global, you’ll meet:



Service Providers


IP lawyers & brand protection

Governing bodies


Brands & Startups

NamesCon Global ❤️ CloudFest USA

Bringing the NamesCon and CloudFest communities together makes perfect sense—we’re only wondering why we didn’t think of it sooner! Here’s what you stand to gain by connecting with North America’s cloud computing leaders:

Many NamesCon partners sell into both domaining and Cloud markets—why not reach both in one place?

CloudFest USA’s core audience of MSPs and CSPs hold the keys to millions of end customers and SMBs: these seem like companies that motivated domain sellers would REALLY want to meet

Registrars have not only millions of domains under management: they also own many premium domains, which the NamesCon community can help them turn into a proper business vertical

CloudFest USA attendees are experts in selling to SMBs and larger end customers—in other words, the buyers in the largest domain deals


Omni Hotel Downtown

The Omni Austin Hotel Downtown is right in the heart of Austin, Texas. This exciting city is the perfect location for NamesCon Global, as we connect with other cutting-edge elements of the world of technology.

Creativity Unleashed
Austin is an artistic and musical city, which makes it perfect for sparking creative thought—and just rocking out!

Keeping it Hot
Austin is famous for its barbecue, even in Texas! Whatever your tastes, Austin’s diverse cuisine will leave you feeling satisfied.

The Highest Tech
Some of the brightest minds in the world seek out Austin’s culture of innovation to build and grow the internet’s most disruptive and game-changing companies. Join us in Austin to see how the domain industry meshes with the larger tech community.

NamesCon Global: Bird’s-Eye View


May 30


12:00 pm
Registration Desk Opens


May 31


9:00 am
Registration Desk Opens
10:00 am
Morning Sessions
10:00 am
Exhibit Hall Opens
12:30 pm
Lunch Break
2:00 pm
Afternoon Sessions
6:00 pm
Sessions End
6:00 pm
Exhibit Hall Closes
6:00 pm
Opening Reception
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June 1


9:00 am
Registration Desk Opens
9:30 am
Exhibit Hall Opens
10:00 am
Morning Sessions
12:30 pm
Lunch Break
2:00 pm
Auction Pre-Game
3:00 pm
Digital Asset Auction
6:00 pm
Exhibit Hall Closes
8:00 pm
cPanel ConneXion Party


June 2


9:00 am
Registration Desk Opens
9:30 am
Exhibit Hall Opens
10:00 am
Morning Sessions
12:30 pm
Lunch Break
2:30 pm
Open Door: Afternoon Sessions
4:00 pm
Sessions End
4:00 pm
Open Door: Happy Hour
6:00 pm
Exhibit Hall Closes


June 3


10:00 am
Grill Heated, Drinks Chilled at Banger’s
5:00 pm
FunDay Ends

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  • Access to all official networking events which include catering and bar offerings
  • Network with fellow investors, industry experts, and key industry players from around the globe
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The Channel Pass is for professionals working in the registry, and marketplace spaces. For you as channels, NamesCon is primarily a sales opportunity, and the ticket type needs to reflect that. So If you’re representing a registry or marketplace, you must register for the Channel Pass.

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FunDay attendees will receive a wristband upon arriving at Bangers on Saturday.


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