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Our media center offers attendees and partners alike a portfolio of assets that can be used across your social media channels to promote your attendance at our future events. From images, logos, banners, videos and even social media/online text, we make your publicity campaign effortless.

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Our extensive library of high-quality images from previous NamesCon events provides an essential visual element to your social media campaign. Please feel free to use them appropriately across your promotional and social media channels.

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Logo Packages

Logos are a quick and easy way to promote your participation. We have them here, and they are available in CMYK and RGB formats. Both versions are contained in the download file.



We love banners which is why we have made three different sizes available for your immediate use.
Other sizes and formats are accessible on request:

Proposed Social Media/Online Text


When posting about this event on Twitter, please help to maximize interest and reach by using the official hashtag #NamesCon or tag us @NamesCon so we can be sure to follow along!

Join the [PARTNER NAME] team at #NamesCon Europe 2019 from June 20-22 in beautiful Cascais, Portugal! Grab a discount on registration with this link: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

We will be at #NamesCon Europe 2019 in Cascais, Portugal, and we hope to see you there! Join us for a face-to-face discussion on partnership opportunities—you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting! Register with this discount link: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

#NamesCon Europe 2019 is coming up quick. Help us shape the future of our industry (and get a bit of sun) in Cascais, Portugal, June 20-22. Hit this link for a discounted registration: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

Going to #ICANN65 Policy Forum in Marrakech? Stop off in Portugal on the way for #NamesCon Europe! Join us June 20-22 for some domaining-intensive sessions and networking, plus a bit of beach time. Discount registration here: [PARTNER FREE LINK]

If you’re ready for some action, join us in Cascais, Portugal for the #NamesCon Europe 2019 live domain auction. Put June 20-22 in your calendar, and grab a discount registration here: [PARTNER FREE LINK]


When posting about this event on Facebook, please help to maximize interest and reach by using the official hashtag #NamesCon or tag us @NamesCon so we can be sure to follow along!

#NamesCon Europe is where the domaining industry meets to make things happen in a relaxed and intimate setting. Join us in Cascais, Portugal, June 20-22: take part in the shaping of the future of our industry—and, yes, that includes going to the beach.

Come connect with us and other leading domain-industry experts in a castle by the sea! #NamesCon Europe takes place in breathtaking Cascais, Portugal this year, and we’re proud to be a sponsor—join us June 20-22.

It won’t all be fun in the sun at #NamesCon Europe this year. Join us for a live domain auction, up-close networking, amazing sessions… and, okay, yes, some fun in the sun in Cascais, Portugal June20-22. More details here:


Meet us in Portugal this June at NamesCon Europe 2019!

Join us June 20-22 in gorgeous Cascais, Portugal for an intimate gathering of domain-industry decision-makers. NamesCon Europe will feature illuminating sessions, a live domain auction, and fantastic networking opportunities, all in a castle by the sea. How can you say no to that?

Join us at NamesCon Europe in June!

We’re proud to be a sponsor of NamesCon Europe 2019. It’s an exciting year for this amazing domain-industry conference: first time in Portugal, as well as the first time it will feature a live domain auction. Join us at a seaside castle in Cascais, June 20-22, and let’s push the industry forward together.

Going to ICANN65? You Have a Good Reason to Stop Off in Portugal

If you’re takin part in the ICANN65 Policy Forum in Marrakech, you’ll be quite close to Portugal. Luckily, NamesCon Europe takes place June 20-22 in Cascais, just a half-hour train ride from Lisbon. Join us and other domain-industry professionals for an intimate and focused few days of sessions and networking before meeting up the larger ICANN group.

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NamesCon Europe 2019: An Intimate Gathering of Domain Professionals

NamesCon Europe is where top-level decision makers from across the domain industry gather to share ideas, form new partnerships, and push the evolution of the global domain market forward. This year’s setting is amazing: unforgettable setting: Cascais, Portugal, a seaside resort town just outside Lisbon. We’re proud to be a sponsor this year—join us June 20-22 for up-close networking, amazing sessions, a live domain auction, and maybe just a bit of time at the beach.

NamesCon Europe 2019: Advancing the Domaining Industry

We believe NamesCon Europe is a fantastic opportunity for domain-industry professionals to partner, exchange information, and support each other in our ongoing success in a constantly-changing tech space. This is why we are proud to call ourselves a NamesCon Europe 2019 partner. We welcome you joining us in Cascais Portugal, June 20-22, to help us move this industry forward.

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Example Twitter Posts

Want to connect with the leaders of the domaining industry? Join us at #NamesCon Europe: June 20-22, 2019. Rub elbows with the best in the business. Our specialty code gets you a discount ticket: [MEDIA PARTNER FREE CODE.]

We’re proud to partner with #NamesCon Europe to bring you the continent’s premier domaining conference. Join your peers for up-close networking, info sessions, and a live domain auction in Cascais, Portugal, June 20-22. Discount registration here: [MEDIA PARTNER CODE.]

Example Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

#NamesCon Europe is the continent’s premiere event for domain-industry professionals. As an official media sponsor, we want to see our community there—so here’s a special code for discount registration! We hope you’ll join us in Cascais, Portugal June 20-22.

We’re proud to have partnered with #NamesCon Europe to offer you a discount ticket to this year’s event in Cascais, Portugal. The year, Europe’s premier domain-industry conference will feature a live domain auction. Don’t miss out: June 20-22 in a castle by the sea.

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