The NamesCon Digital Asset Auction

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Returns as a centerpiece of NamesCon Global 2022!

Everything you know about digital assets—and everything you’ve been learning at NamesCon—comes into play when you bid for a domain name or NFT, as you test your nerves against your peers in the room as well as investors around the world on the internet. That’s right, RightOfTheDot is bringing us a high-stakes domain and NFT auction as a focal point of NamesCon Global 2022! World champion auctioneer Wayne Wheat will keep the action moving at lightning speed, so don’t even think about blinking!

How to Take Part in the Auction

Submit your premium domain names and NFTs for evaluation

Sign Up To Bid

Create a crypto wallet if you don’t already have one: we recommend MetaMask

Go big once the auction starts!


Submissions Now Open

In addition to domain names, we invite you to submit your high-end NFTs as well, as this digital asset will be featured in the auction for the first time! When we say “premium”, we mean it: think domain names (emphasis on .COMs) and NFTs that appraise for $5,000 and up, with a reasonable reserve in place as well.

Domain Name Submission Criteria

  • 1 to 4 number (such as 123·com)
  • 1 to 4 letter (such as abc·com)
  • 1 word (with meaning)
  • Keyword and high-traffic English terms/words
  • .com, .net, .org (the auction will focus on .com premium names, but other TLD extensions will be considered)
  • Standard renewal-priced domains (no premium or tiered renewal fees over $100 per year)

Hit this link to create your RightOfTheDot account and submit your high-value domain names or NFTs to our friends at RightOfTheDot, who will manually evaluate each submission

The evaluation process is comprehensive and thus takes time—so make sure to submit early so your names don’t get left out. The submission deadline is August 12, 2022.
Once around 150 domain names and a handful of NFTs have been selected, the final list will be made public and pre-bidding will begin—we’ll let you know!
RightOfTheDot also has all the up-to-the-minute auction information. The bidding page will see a lot of action once pre-bidding starts, and will double down once the main auction experience begins.

When is the NamesCon Digital Asset Auction?

The auction begins at 3pm CDT on September 1, at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, the main venue for NamesCon Global 2022. If you want to experience the live auction action first-hand, there’s no substitute for being in the room.

How Do I Bid?

The short answer: with a paddle.

The longer answer: you first have to get verified by RightOfTheDot in order to bid, so be sure to get that sorted out in advance. Just use this link: it doesn’t take long.

Bidding on NFTs is also pretty easy: don’t let all that crypto-wallet stuff scare you!

Increase the value of your portfolio by making the right moves at the right moment—and it all starts when you register for NamesCon Global 2022!