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Use our handy mobile app to take control of your NamesCon experience. To download the app, just find “NamesCon Global 2020” in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device. If you need a hand with troubleshooting while at the conference, just visit the NamesCon Information Desk.

After all, connection is everything.

App features include

Social Wall

Stay on top of the latest events taking place during NamesCon. Even with our full conference and social schedule, you won’t miss a thing.

Digital Handshake

A contactless way to add new contacts, because business cards are so last century.


Know exactly what’s happening, when it’s happening and where it’s happening. You are now the master of your own schedule: strategically plan your NamesCon days and nights using this feature.

Floor Plan

A bird’s-eye view of the exhibition area, so you’ll never be lost. Switch to the “List’ feature and you’ll see an alphabetical listing of booths and their numbers for your existing and potential new business partners. Navigation just got a lot easier.

Rate Speakers

Share your experiences from each session with a simple rating system. No pressure…

Private Messaging

Our direct chat function is a one-to-one feature ensuring private conversations with potential new business partners in real-time.

You can also share those magic moments with us on social media:
We’re @namescon on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here’s How It Looks


Download the official NamesCon Global 2020 event app for iPhone or Android



After the app is installed, just tap “Sign Up.”


Important: Use the same email that you used when registering for NamesCon through Eventbrite.

In the Password field, feel free to create a unique password. Come on, think of something more creative than “12345”!


Please add your details


Set up your profile.


Welcome to NamesCon Global! Please tap to continue.


The Event is loading…


That’s it! You’re in! Welcome!

Trouble Logging in?

If you have trouble joining the event in the app, most likely the email address you entered in your account is not in our database. Please update your email address. You must use the email address you used to buy your ticket via Eventbrite. Please click on “Update Profile” to change your email address, and try again to join.

You can also send an email to to request access. This is done artisanally by humans, so it may not be instantaneous.

Enter the email addres you used to buy your ticket via Eventbrite. You can also send an mail to to request access. This is done artisanally by humans, so it may not be instantaneous.