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Where the Domain Name Industry Comes Together

NamesCon is the premier conference series for the domain name industry. With events online and around the world, we bring together the decision-makers and investors who build and grow this person-to-person business.

Who We Are

Since its founding in 2013, NamesCon’s flagship event in Las Vegas has grown into the largest and most anticipated domain industry event of the year. With the explosive growth of new TLDs and rapid expansion of internet connectivity and digital asset classes worldwide, the domain industry promises to remain one of the most energized and important markets in technology.

NamesCon Online draws over 1,000 registrations for its all-digital editions during the COVID-19 pandemic as the event series grows and evolves with the domain industry – and the wider world in which we all coexist.

NamesCon was acquired by WHD Event GmbH, which also owns and produces CloudFest (the world’s top internet infrastructure industry gathering), in 2021. This unlocks the synergies between the domain, hosting, and cloud industries. The combined team now jointly produces more than ten industry events internationally each year, from blockbuster global shows to highly focused regional events and invite-only CXO retreats. These include NamesCon Europe – formerly Domaining Europe, an intimate gathering of domain-related professionals – and DOMAINfest, a globe-trotting series of events that began in 2012.

Past Events

The domaining world doesn’t sit still, so neither do we!
While the global pandemic has travel plans in flux, we’re confident we can deliver top-notch experiences for the domain industry while keeping everyone safe.

NamesCon Online

September 22-24th, 2021

NFT technology, emerging social platforms, fractional ownership, explosions in value, and constantly-evolving use cases: domaining has never been more exciting! Join us at this all-digital event to learn how interlocking technologies and trends can set you up for a lifetime of success.

Take a front-row seat for the latest developments in brokerage, investing, aftermarket, and the registry and registrar spaces. We welcome all domaining newcomers to join this vibrant community and see what this exciting industry and the people who create it have to offer.


NamesCon Through the Ages

From intimate pop-up events to thousand-strong gatherings, NamesCon and its predecessors have featured the leading minds of the domaining industry, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, and rock ‘n’ roll superstars. Since 2012, attendees have known to expect the unexpected! We have embraced the challenge to innovate, surprise, and move the domain name industry forward.

  • 2012
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2012

    From our very first event in Los Angeles, it took us two years to get to Las Vegas, where we’d rock the Tropicana for several years to come. We also popped up in Hollywood!

    DOMAINfest Global 2012
    January 31 to February 2, 2012, Santa Monica, California

  • 2015

    DOMAINfest.Asia 2015
    September 4-7, Macau

    DOMAINfest Sofia 2015
    June 1-3, 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

    NamesCon 2015 The Domain Name Conference and DOMAINfest @NamesCon 2015
    January 11-14, Las Vegas

  • 2014

    From our very first event in Los Angeles, it took us two years to get to Las Vegas, where we’d rock the Tropicana for several years to come. We also popped up in Hollywood!

    DOMAINfest Global 2014
    March 31-April 2, 2014, Hollywood, California

    NamesCon 2014
    January 13-15, Las Vegas

  • 2016

    DOMAINfest.Asia 2016
    September 19-22, Hong Kong

    NamesCon 2016 The Internet Domain Name Conference
    January 10-14, Las Vegas

  • 2017

    NamesCon 2017 The Domain Name Industry Event
    January 22-25, Las Vegas

  • 2018

    NamesCon Fiesta, 2018
    October, 23, Barcelona (Spain)

    NamesCon Europe, 2018
    June, 7-9, València (Spain)

    NamesCon Global 2018
    January 28-31, Las Vegas

  • 2019

    Our last year in Las Vegas, and our first time in beautiful Cascais!

    NamesCon Global 2019
    January 27-30, Las Vegas

    NamesCon Europe 2019
    June 20-22, Cascais, Portugal

  • 2020

    What an interesting year… NamesCon Global moved to Austin, and we launched our first fully online event in September. (NamesCon Europe is postponed until 2021.)

    NamesCon Online 2020 – Domaining Around the Globe
    September 9-11, Online

    NamesCon Global 2020
    January 29-1 Februar, Austin Texas

  • New School Libraries in Kenya

    New School Libraries in Kenya

    While Kenya is relatively stable and prosperous, there is still a lot of poverty. The families in Likoni, Mombasa, have a roof over their heads and enough food to survive, but little else.

    Hope Children’s Centre Kenya School in Mombasa accommodates around 250 students, but doesn’t yet have any libraries for these children. Let’s build libraries for both the primary and secondary schools and fully equip them with the textbooks and materials that the children need to tackle the Kenyan curriculum, as well as furnishings so these rooms can double as study spaces.

    We can complete this six-month project for US$20,000. 

  • New School Building in Nepal

    New School Building in Nepal

    In Nepal, many children in remote villages do not have access to education past the primary level. Students often leave primary schools after they learn to read and write but without further education, these skills are easily forgotten.

    Bhawani Basic School is situated in Sarkegadh Rural Municipality, a two-day journey on foot from the local district headquarters. There are only seven classrooms in two old ruined buildings, servicing 170 students from early childhood to Grade 8. There are only 40 sets of wooden furniture between both classrooms and no proper sanitation facilities for the children. “Use what you have” is not an option here, so we’ll build two brand-new classrooms and furnish them.

    We can complete this one-year project for US$28,000.

  • New School Building in Niger

    New School Building in Niger

    Niger occupies the last place in the UN’s Worldwide Education Index and therefore urgently needs investment in education infrastructure. Girls in particular need a chance to go to school, as only half of all female children currently receive primary education.

    The Madauoa Primary School in Madauoa, Niger currently serves 362 children from kindergarten through 6th grade in two three-classroom buildings. Let’s build an additional single story structure with two additional 2-classroom buildings for the youngest students. The modern foundation will allow for a second floor to be added in the future.

    We can complete this six-month project for US$25,000

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