The Coming Together of Domaining, Blockchain, and Geo-technology with Tim Favia, Justin Newton & Sean Eilers

Innovation is the key to success, and that was one of the major themes of this afternoon’s keynote panel with Tim Favia (Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Donuts), Justin Newton (Co-Founder and CEO of Netki), and Sean Eilers (Co-Founder and CEO of GeoNetwork). Discussing the coming together of domaining, blockchain, and geo-technology, the three shared their experiences in taking advantage of emerging technologies and the exciting opportunities that they present.

Flavia discussed exploring companies that had some sort of connection to the DNS business, recognizing that it can be a way to unlock marketability in blockchain. Justin Newton touched on how Netki has been creating a global registry for geofences, tying it to the DNS as it can carry geofencing information that devices will require in the future without taking up onboard memory for any given device. Meanwhile, Newton and his team shared how leveraging DNS allowed them to to build a minimum viable product with a scalability model that eclipsed blockchain at the time at a hackathon weekend.

As for what’s next? Newton predicts that we’ll enter into a world where no one cryptocurrency rules supreme. This effectively showcases the value of DNS in managing wallet addresses. Eiler believes that cryptocurrency will invite geographically-relevant rules as it matures.

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