Ride the Wave with a Pro Surfer at NamesCon Europe 2019!

We’re thrilled to announce our first keynote speaker for NamesCon Europe 2019: professional big wave surfer Andrew Cotton! Andrew has built a life and career out of embracing the awesome power of the ocean. As one of the world’s most respected pro surfers, he travels the globe hunting some of the biggest and heaviest waves […]

NamesCon Europe Expert Panels Revealed!

NamesCon Europe 2019 is bringing you beyond the dot! Conversations will blend into sessions and panels, which will then become new conversations, you’ll be setting yourself up for greater success, wherever you are in your investment journey. You and your peers will be riding the wave together as the event unfolds, with great conversations inspired […]

Words From a Lexicographer: Erin McKean on the More Language Changes

Erin McKean thinks she might be a ultracrepidarian as she closed out the .GLOBAL Keynote Hall on Tuesday afternoon; that’s someone who’s presumptuous and offers advice or opinions beyond one’s sphere of knowledge. That’s because she’s a lexicographer, and not a domainer. But as a lexicographer, she had far more knowledge to offer the NamesCon […]

Data Rules! A Panel on Why Data Matters

Data shouldn’t be just collected for the sake of collecting it. When used properly (and collected efficiently), you can actually protect, run, and grow your business. This is what Wednesday’s morning panel at NamesCon Global 2019 was all about. Moderated by Pinky Brand, Bhavin Turakhia (Radix, Flock), Akram Atallah (Donuts, Inc.), Rolf Larsen (.GLOBAL), and […]

To TLD or To gTLD: Rolf Larsen on Proven gTLD Strategies for Global Reach

There is still some debate over new TLDs and what they mean for the domain industry. We covered this in one of our Domaining for Beginners…. When you understand how to brand and maintain a TLD and how customers generally respond of them, that’s when you will be able to take advantage of the potential […]

Trendline on the Global Importance of DNS and Domains

With the ever-changing world of technology and an increased popularity of AI, IoT, and fintech, it is fair to wonder whether or not this equals to a downward trend for the importance of domain names and DNS. On Monday afternoon, the NamesCon Global audience was treated to a panel moderated by the inventor of DNS […]

The Magic of Storytelling: Kate Buckley on How to Spin a Yarn and Land a Whale

Stories aren’t just for children. Kate Buckley, CEO of Buckley Media, took the .GLOBAL Keynote Hall stage on Monday to convince the NamesCon Global audience that storytelling can be an incredibly effective tool for those in the domain industry. Stories have been an important part of Kate’s life; she believes that “stories help us know […]

Domain Trends and Insights According to Paul Nicks

Trends come and go, and this applies to the domaining industry as well. On the second day of NamesCon Global 2019, GoDaddy Senior VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks took the keynote stage to discuss all the emerging trends within the industry this past year, while also sharing some valuable insights. Demand for aftermarket domains is […]

Humanistic Automation: Haseeb Tariq on How to Market Your Portfolio

When it comes to marketing, person-to-person is now king (or queen). Canned communication is a thing of the past, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that automation has to mean spamming your audience. Automating can be personable, while also giving you the gift of time when you can hand off tedious tasks to marketing software. On […]