Trends, Coming and Going: Scott Schnell on Domain Name Industry Drivers

To start Day 3 at NamesCon, attendees gathered in the .com | .net Keynote Hall for Verisign Senior Vice President of Marketing Scott Schnell’s keynote on domain name industry drivers, from name usage to valuation trends.

According to Scott, Q2 has been the peak of overall domain name registration, while revealing interesting statistics about new business establishments and how they’ve affected the demand for usable domain names. Roughly 20% of new businesses build websites within 12 to 18 months of existence, and is still the go-to for most businesses thanks to the stability and predictability of websites.

Cryptocurrency-related names reigned supreme in 2017, with key terms including coin, crypto, token, and blockchain. Other popular terms include cofveve, marijuana-related names (thanks to legalization of cannabis), and fad diets, such as vegan diets.

Overall, demand for domains remains strong, and the utility of and importance of domain names is increasing. There also appears to be a continued strength of keyword domain names.

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