Lessons Learned: Paul Nicks on Operating the Most Valuable Domain Portfolio in the World

Ever wonder what operating the most valuable domain portfolio in the world is like? Paul Nicks, General Manager and Vice President of Aftermarket and Product Development at GoDaddy, lives to tell the tale, sharing the experience during his keynote on Tuesday.

According to Nicks, GoDaddy had unlocked a dormant portfolio at an excellent wholesale price, but had never managed one for sale like that before other than managing their own company brand. The first thing Nicks looked at was pricing, as it’s the first thing that happens with a portfolio, and “likely the most important.”

Revealing how it all went down, from selling, to handling the initial contact, to building your own portfolio, Paul Nicks gave terrific insight on how to deal with such portfolios. If you find building your own portfolio to be an intimidating task, Nicks suggests that you look into having the NameFind sales team work for you.

“NameFind is using the exact same tools, the exact same processes, that are available to all of you,” said Nicks. “Replicate that.”

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