NamesCon Goes .GLOBAL

We are happy to announce an exciting new partnership, and welcome you to our flagship event in Las Vegas: NamesCon Global.

NamesCon has become a truly international brand with the addition of its European and Asian shows, including NamesCon Europe and NamesCon China, as well as NamesCon/CloudFest India. So we made it official and renamed our flagship event “NamesCon Global” to signify the borderless nature of this show, where we welcome attendees from all over the world. In doing so, we have partnered with title sponsor .GLOBAL to make 2019 our most exciting show yet!

“To borrow a bit from Beyoncé, we put a URL on it! The NamesCon Vegas show has always been a global event to celebrate innovations and partnerships that cross borders. It’s great to make it official like this. We think the best is still to come!” — Sören Von Varchmin, CEO of NamesCon Global.

The domaining world is an online world, which makes it an increasingly global industry. .GLOBAL represents the disruption of boundaries that restrict ideas or concepts, helping them to become universal, working toward an interconnected online world that’s not necessarily anchored to a specific country or geographical location. So partnering with .GLOBAL became an obvious choice for NamesCon.

“We are proud to see one of the largest industry events using a .GLOBAL domain for their branding,” says .GLOBAL CEO Rolf Larsen about the change. “The NamesCon event series is expanding and both promotes the main and largest event, as well as creating the ideal umbrella brand to capture all regional events.”

Help us celebrate this partnership and join us at NamesCon Global 2019, happening from January 27 to 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Secure your ticket now—at

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