NamesCon Book Club: What the NamesCon Team is Reading Right Now

The NamesCon Book Club aims to share some of the domaining community’s favorite reads. Whether they’re non-fiction or science fiction, we hope that these books will inspire you to read more while also getting to know the community a little better!

Here’s what the NamesCon team is currently reading.

Jordan Yerman, Writer
Currently reading: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen & New York City in 1979 by Kathy Acker

“The Boss shares stories from his Dickensian upbringing to his meteoric rise. Recounting moments large and small, Springsteen’s voice is unique and unmistakable. I really want to have a beer with this guy.”

“A cult literary icon gives us a glimpse of a city of strange lights in the darkness, a city that still exists within the one you can visit today. Travel to a time before cronuts, a time before artisanal cheese shops on the Lower East Side.”

Helga Neumer, Social Marketing Manager
Currently reading: A Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

“I liked it very much in German. A Girl on the Train is thrilling and emotional—a nice combination. You don’t really know what to expect when you start with it as it takes some time to be able to follow the story. Normally, I do not really like crime thriller. But this one has kind of a different structure; it’s written from different perspectives and time periods. I like her writing style, though I am curious if I would understand and like it in English…”

Tania Kabantsov, Event Manager
Currently reading: On Trails by Robert Moor

“I picked this up at the airport while traveling to Europe this year. The author discusses his obsession with hiking and discovering new and old trails. How do trails form? Why do some improve while others fade and what makes us follow or strike off on our own? The author studies all types of trails from small ant trails to large and ancient urban networks. He also discusses master trails like the Appalachian Trail and trail builders like the Cherokee and traces the origins of the Internet. It’s hiking meets philosophy and science. Well written with wit and humour.”

Terri Potratz, Marketing and Events Director
Currently reading: Trauma Farm by Brian Brett

“I recently moved to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, and picked this up at a local bookstore without having any idea it was written by an author who owns a farm right here on the island. I started to clue in when I read a passage that describes the house and cottage we just bought – crazy! This book is a hilarious and educational read about the trials of a small West Coast farm, with brief stories of farming practices and history from around the world.”

Joyce Ng, Social Media
Currently reading: His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

“A friend recommended His Bloody Project, a winner of the 2016 Man Booker Prize. The narrative follows the true story of the 1869 case of Roderick Macrae, who mercilessly slaughtered three people in a small community in the Scottish Highlands—and fully admits to it. Incorporating court documents, statements, newspaper articles, medical reports, and most importantly, Roderick’s memoir, the novel weaves together an unforgettable and bizarre tale. An unreliable narrator describing a murder mystery—what’s not to love?”

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