The NamesCon Team’s August Spotify Playlist

What’s summer without some fresh and fun beats? Well, quiet and boring I guess. That’s why the NamesCon team is sharing their tunes with you from now until we see you at the conference in January (27-30, 2019)!

Here is our exclusive playlist for the summer, August Anthems, that we are currently listening to while we are busy planning our next event . We hope these tunes cheer you up and make you dance in your seat.

Tania Kabantsov, Event Manager

Foster The People – “Sit Next to Me”

From their new album Sacred Hearts Club, this funky slower-paced psychedelic pop song is just fun. You might find yourself whistling this tune for a few days.

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Vance Joy – “Saturday Sun”

Straight out of Melbourne this singer-songwriter does it again on his new album. His bright mixes of ukulele, guitar, banjo, and big church choruses make us close our eyes and imagine we are on an Aussie beach somewhere watching people surf into the sunset. Ok, maybe it’s just me but give it a listen and see where you end up.

Tokyo Police Club – “Hot Tonight”

This is the perfect tune for a sunny Sunday afternoon. I’d listen to this while barbecuing in the back yard or playing lawn games with friends. Maybe it is just a Canadian thing, but Bocce tournament to this song anyone?

Fleetwood Mac – “Everywhere” 

This classic ’80s tune is light, happy, and makes me want to dance around the house. This is one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands of all time. I will be dancing to this song when I see them live this fall for what may be their last ever world tour!

Jordan Yerman, Writer

Sofi Tukker, NERVO, The Knocks, Alisa Ueno – “Best Friend”

Funky electro mix. Great tune to get hyped up in the morning, running errands in the sun, or working out.

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Ozuna – “Si No Te Quiere”

What’s summer without a spicy latin hit? This is an oldie but a goodie ol’ fashioned reggaeton tune from Puerto Rican singer Ozuna. A summer anthem for those nights when you feel invincible and when everything seems possible.

INXS – “Don’t Change”

The lyrics may not make sense, but nobody cares—this song is a lifetime of summers rolled into only a few minutes. Bittersweet, but more on the sweet side.

 Image via Instagram Image via Instagram

Terri Potratz, Marketing and Events Director

Janelle Monáe – “Make Me Feel”

This whole album [Dirty Computer] is pretty amazing. Hard to choose a favourite, but when I’m working and this comes on, I have a little laugh at myself when I realize my legs are rocking faster than my fingers on the keyboard and then I take a little dance break.

Leeroy Stagger – “Living In America”

A song about living in America, written by a Canadian musician, based on his observations touring extensively throughout the States. Last year Leeroy joined the Cariboo Express, a country opry show around Western Canada that has become an annual tradition for my friends and I to attend. The backup singer and fiddle player on this track is Kendel Carson, also a member of the Cariboo Express gang.

Leikeli47 – “Money”

I’m really drawn to this artist because, aside from her obvious talent, her identity after six years since her first release is still unknown. She doesn’t offer many interviews, and wears a mask during performances and photo shoots. A reminder for listeners to let go of false perceptions, and instead just focus on the music.

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Bahamas – “Bad Boys Need Love Too”

I love this song because it doesn’t sound anything like the rest of the album, but somehow doesn’t feel out of place. Another Canadian artist, Bahamas just released a new album earlier this year. I first saw him at Shorefest in Vancouver, a free summer concert which runs alongside the Celebration of Light fireworks event. Super fan ever since.

Josli Rockafella, Graphic Design

Vera Sola – “Small Minds”

Vera is doing a ‘secret’ show in my friend’s backyard, and is like a perfect mashup of Lana Del Rey meets Johnny Cash. Let the sweet sultry sounds of her voice lull you into a mid-summer evening dream.

Michael Jackson – “Rock With You” 

Neither the song nor this artist require an introduction but if you have somehow managed to live under a rock your entire life and have inexplicably missed this tune, please stop everything you are doing immediately, position yourself in a comfortable dancing area and press play now.

Image via The Guardian

Joyce Ng, Social Media

The Internet – “Look What U Started”

The Internet just released a quintessential album for warmer months, and “Look What U Started” is a perfect introduction for those unfamiliar with this Los Angeles group’s work. Their signature sound is a little seductive with a whole lotta funk, and this lead single from Hive Mind is no exception.

The Strokes – “The Modern Age”

It was hard just to pick one song by NYC’s The Strokes, but “The Modern Age” has an excellent balance of summertime charm and nostalgia. Swirling guitar riffs, pounding kick-drums, and an almost monotonous vocal delivery makes for something a little off-kilter and carefree. After all, isn’t laissez-faire what summer’s all about?

St. Vincent – “Digital Witness”

“Digital Witness,” which appears on St. Vincent’s eponymous 2014 album, is full of bouncy brass elements and a fun and vibrant offering. Often penning thoughtful lyrics, this one isn’t without its warning: online identity can be a fickle thing, suggesting that what we put out there for the world is meticulously crafted. Whether or not you care for the lesson here, “Digital Witness” is the ultimate way to wrap up our playlist.

Visit our NamesCon Spotify Chanel to listen HERE now and stay tuned for our Smashing September Super Hits Playlist coming soon.

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