A Generational Divide: How to Better Connect with Gen Z According to Lisa Box

Connecting with Gen Z (those born in 1996 and thereafter) can be a daunting task for companies, and rightfully so—according to Lisa Box, the Vice President of Strategic Alliances of WP Engine, they experience the world in a wholly different way than previous generations. Not only do they show full dependency on the Internet, but studies have shown that Gen Zers actually feel physical anxiety if they’ve been disconnected from the Internet for more than an hour.

During her keynote “Ice Cream, Roller Skates, and Gen Z,” Box revealed some fascinating findings from a study that was conducted by WP Engine in partnership with the Center for Generational Kinetics to see how changing generations would use their product. The results showed that the post-Millennial generation prioritize authenticity over everything else, and that predictive personalization is something that Gen Z really look for in a product.

Lisa Box’s keynote provided a number of highly valuable tips that companies can use to better market to this mysterious breed, which controls 93% of all household buying decisions. For those struggling to connect with Gen Z, Lisa’s keynote was the ultimate source for eye-opening tips.

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