How to Use Survival Psychology to Build a Resilient Brand with Jonathan David Lewis

“What do Hillary Clinton, plane crash survivors, and Blockbuster Video have in common?” Jonathan David Lewis, author of Brand vs. Wild : Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments and Partner/Vice President of Strategy Director at McKee Wallwork + Co, asked NamesCon 2018 attendees at the start of his keynote. Sharing a story about the rugby team that suffered a horrific plane crash while from Uruguay to Chile in 1972, Lewis set the stage for a discussion on how survival psychology can help build a resilient brand in these uncertain times.

Lewis cited the 10-80-10 Rule, which suggests that only 10% of individuals can handle a disaster while helping others deal with it. Eighty percent of us will not be so resilient, while the final 10% will just do the wrong thing. Applying this to the tech industry, Lewis explained how it can be difficult for companies to know what to do exactly in this ever-changing industry.

Emphasizing the importance of experimentation (and being comfortable with it) and pushing your team to think beyond product while defining your company’s identity, Jonathan David Lewis encouraged NamesCon attendees to embrace ambiguity and flourish from thinking outside the box.

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