What the Blockchain: Haseeb Rabbani Demystifies the Blockchain

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in tech right now, but there appears to be a lot of confusion regarding the concept. Haseeb Rabbani, a Lead Instructor at Blockgeeks, joined the .com | .net Keynote Hall stage on Monday to discuss and demystify the blockchain in his keynote, “What the Blockchain.”

Presenting to a full house, Rabbani reviewed the history of how the blockchain came to be, starting from when the United States faced one of its worst financial crises in history back in 2008. Explaining why individuals should use the blockchain for a database, Rabbani reminded the crowd that money should not be the focus of the blockchain. Rather, it’s the technology behind it that should be the emphasis; that’s the real innovation, according to Rabbani.

He also noted that because there’s such a big earning curve, education is a key challenge to mainstream blockchain acceptance. Ultimately, Rabbani believes that now is the time to get involved, but there should be a strong emphasis educating others about the blockchain and its full potential.

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