Life with Deth: David Ellefson Joins Andrew Allemann for the Opening Keynote

To kick off the second day of NamesCon 2018, David Ellefson, Grammy-award winning bassist of the thrash metal band Megadeth and owner of EMP Label Group/Combat Records and coffee company Ellefson Coffee Co. shared an invigorating Opening Keynote to inspire attendees. Joined by Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire, Ellefson discussed how the very first website for a band came to be. The site is now a thing of legend as the band celebrates #35YearsofMegadeth this year.

With a focus on social media, personal branding, and engagement in new technology, Ellefson shared some personal experiences on how he grew his own brand.

“The biggest thing you want is engagement,” the thrash metal pioneer explained. “I think the trick is to have a very organic feel to it.” David Ellefson prefers Instagram, explaining that he feels people are generally more interested in photos. But each platform requires special attention.

“It’s important—what we write, how we tag it.” Ellefson said. “It needs to be in a language that people understand.” One of the more important aspects of social media for Ellefson, though, is that it has to be “organic and believable.”

“Your name is your rep, and it’s also your customer assurance that what they’re getting has quality. It’s important to build that very organically.” Uniformity and consistency of social handles and your brand’s domain are also important, according to Ellefson, but to encourage engagement, one should always ask questions. “Twitter and Instagram are big ones,” he said, but Facebook still reigns supreme: “Facebook is the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal of the celebrity arts.”

The biggest takeaway from Ellefson’s opening keynote for domainers, though, is this: “If you can dream it, secure it.”

David Ellefson also signed a bass that will be up for auction at tonight’s WaterNight Gala. Every year, the NamesCon community gathers for WaterNight, a gala extravaganza where 100% of the proceeds go towards bringing clean water as well as hygiene and sanitation training to families in rural Uganda through WaterSchool. Join us tonight (January 29) for a red carpet evening of fine dining, silent auctions with fabulous prizes, live music, and comedian/magician Justin Willman. Secure your ticket here.

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