NamesCon Online Handshake Track—More Details on What You’ll Learn

We recently introduced the Handshake Track at NamesCon Online, and now it’s time to reveal more about what domain name investors will learn on this specialized track. Crypto + Domains: The Future Bitcoin has been popular with domain investors for years. With the emergence of blockchain domains such as Handshake, as well as NFTs, where […]

NamesCon Online Premium Domain Auction Coming September 2021

It’s not NamesCon without a premium domain auction, right? NamesCon and our friends at RightOfTheDot will present a hand-picked selection of creme-de-la-creme digital assets for you to add to your portfolio. These will be rare, highly-coveted names that rarely appear in the wild. If you miss out, your portfolio will definitely give you the silent [...]

NamesCon is now part of WHD Event GmbH

We are excited to announce that NamesCon is now part of WHD Event GmbH. What does that mean for you? We will continue to bring you the NamesCon events you love, while supporting and growing the global domain investor community. NamesCon is a cornerstone of the domain industry and we’re committed to making our events [...]