Sponsor Spotlight: Introducing RegistryOffice

Having a good back-end operator, generic software, a few database tools and skilled employees has traditionally been enough to be able to operate a domain name Registry. But does it really suffice in this day and age?

As a domain name Registry operator, unlike in most other industries, the options are limited when it comes to software tailored to managing the sales and marketing aspects of the business. As there is really no off-the-shelf solutions available, most domain name Registries tend to rely on multiple generic software programs to meet their reporting needs and to provide insight. In these instances, one of the major downsides is the amount of manual work needed to periodically generate the reports.

As the Registry for the .GLOBAL domain extension we’ve experienced these difficulties first-hand which is why we spent a couple of years building our own software to cover all of our needs related to sales and marketing. Initially, we had no intention of sharing this software with other Registries, however after discussing this software with other colleagues we realised that there were many other Registries who needed a similar service.

The final result of developing this software is a service called RegistryOffice.

RegistryOffice joins data from multiple sources and uses machine learning together with AI to improve insight in order to find patterns and trends that would otherwise be hard to carve out manually.

A key component of RegistryOffice is the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows the heartbeat of the Registry – key performance indicators to ensure that the registry is operating according to expectations. The Dashboard is made to be flexible and customizable, hence all reports and views can be tailored to specific Registry needs.

This series of articles will introduce you to RegistryOffice and its key features.

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