Domain Economic Forum

The Domain Economic Forum

January 29th - February 1st, 2020 in Austin, TX

354,7 M

Domain Registrations Q2 2019


Unique Registrars


Registry Operators

$ 7-10 Bl

Estimated Market Size

What can we do today to make our niche market bigger?

What are the real economics shaping the fortunes of domainers, registries, and registrars?

How do we make the secondary market look less like an MC Escher drawing to a potential buyer or investor?

The biggest challenge facing the domain industry today is the lack of outside growth and mainstream adoption—it remains a niche industry. A key factor in this challenge is an overall lack of transparency: you could say that the domain industry is clear as mud.

The solution lies in bringing greater transparency to this dynamic industry: shining a light on the opportunities that await in embracing the domain name as a digital asset class.

NamesCon, as the world’s largest domain-industry conference, brings commercial and non-commercial partners together year after year. This makes us uniquely positioned to facilitate a move towards greater transparency. In establishing the Domain Economic Forum, we are committing to initiatives around transparency that will create real outcomes for those who get involved.

The goal for the Domain Economic Forum at NamesCon is to pursue greater transparency, and thus greater growth as domains and domaining reaches a wider audience. We will end with an agreement among industry participants to state a commitment for the industry.

Here’s how we’re going to do it:


Dedicate to transparency


Invest NamesCon agenda space to this project


Commit to working year-round towards this goal

»To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom«


At NamesCon Global 2020, the Domain Economic Forum sessions will include the following core elements:

Transparent Calculation Series

Economics of a Domainer | Economics of a Registrar | Economics of a Registry

What are the costs? What kinds of revenue can you expect and when? How does each element really interact with the rest of the industry? Think of this as Industry 101 when it comes to understanding how to run a business by the numbers. Join experienced domainers, registry operators, and registrars who can teach you what it takes to make money and build a career.

Each session in this series will be run by a high-level professional who will help you walk away with a far deeper understanding of not only a single element of the domain industry, but the industry as a whole.

Workshop: Take Domain Names from a Niche to a Mainstream Alternative Asset Class

What services and businesses are missing from the current industry ecosystem? How can we as an industry promote our asset class to the investor class and educate them about the opportunity? What innovative channels can we open in the future? Examples may include fractional ownership, blockchain-based transactions, or even SEC-compliant public trades.

This is an interactive session on making domain names ready for prime-time. Join this hands-on workshop to help write the industry agenda of 2020: how domains will become a mainstream asset class.

Workshop: Transparency Evaluation of the Secondary Domain Market

What is the total addressable worldwide market for premium domain names? What percentage of sales are known or reported? Which metrics can identify the intrinsic value of premium domains? You’ll begin the process towards more transparency in the domain aftermarket and create tools that help answer these questions for us and outside analysts.

The goal of this workshop is to evaluate and decide which tools and steps are necessary to make the secondary domain market more transparent—and thus more attractive to new stakeholders. 

Public Statement:
What we agree on

The results of these sessions will guide us toward a public statement for continued action towards transparency, and we’ll keep the momentum going throughout the year. Moving forward, the Domain Economic Forum will become an industry-wide touchpoint for advocacy, building awareness, and growing the value of the domain industry vis-a-vis the larger tech and financial worlds.

The domain industry is evolving—become a part of that change.

Support us in bringing domains to a wider and more enthusiastic audience. Be part of the network to bring more transparency to the domain industry. If you want to team up with us in any capacity, reach out to us at