Shipping Options (Outbound)


1: xpert expo services

  • If you coordinated inbound shipping with Xpert Expo, they will also handle your outbound shipping unless you would like to request an alternate method.

  • Please confirm your preference with Xpert Customer Service representatives.


2: Tropicana fedex business center


  • Send outbound shipments via the Tropicana Business Center with expedited, national or international postal services.

  • Please call the FedEx Business Center during opening hours for pricing and additional information.

  • Be sure to double check courier pick-up times; if you miss the deadline on Wednesday afternoon you can arrange to leave your package overnight with the Bell Desk for courier pickup on Thursday.


3: donate it to charity!

  • Want to leave it behind? Help us keep usable items out of the landfill.

  • If you have leftover furniture, stationery, or any other useful items, please let NamesCon producers know and we will oversee the delivery of those items to the appropriate venue.