Odes to October: A NamesCon Spotify Playlist

 Picture by   womenspost

Picture by womenspost

October is in full swing and that means that NamesCon Global 2019 is less than 4 months away. We picked these songs because they are our soundtrack to putting up the best show yet! We hope you like this month’s selections, and if you do, please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can be featured on our blog by helping us craft the next NamesCon playlist.

Jordan Matthew Yerman, Writer

Seasick Steve - "Walkin' Man"

Modern hobo blues with rich, craggy texture and deep humor. A world cobbled together with found objects, including its soundscape. Sit and stay awhile.

Sunscreem - "Love U More"

I may live in British Columbia, but there's a Eurotrash streak in me a mile wide. I do not apologize for that.

Stone Roses - "Driving South”

A high-octane rock 'n' roll tall tale from the band that could have, should have, would have ruled the world: "Anytime you wanna sell yer soul, I got a toll-free number you can ring!"

 Photo by   postard

Photo by postard

Terri Potratz, Director

Santigold - “GO!”

This song opened the S2 episode of The Handmaid's Tale where June is running through the old Boston Globe offices. A get up and go and win it kind of song. Powerful.

Michel Blais - “Roses”

This entire album (Dans ma main) is amazing and was up for the Polaris Music Prize this year. I'm not a die-hard for classical but his piano compositions have inspired me to investigate more work from modern composers. Your ears deserve to hear this album from start to finish.

Leon Bridges - “Mrs.”

We have the Good Thing record on repeat at our house right now, and this song in particular reminds me of falling in love. That kind of nostalgia is critical when you have a crazy toddler dancing around and another one on the way!

 Photo by   mrporter

Photo by mrporter

Joyce Ng, Social Media

Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar - “Tints”

Anderson .Paak? Good. Kendrick Lamar? Good. Them together? An unexpected collaboration and an altogether exciting surprise. “Tints” is your feel-good bop of the month. 

Rex Orange County - “Corduroy Dreams”

I had the opportunity to see Rex Orange County but squandered it, so listening to him on a regular basis is my only saving grace. “Corduroy Dreams” is one of my favorites, and a great starting point for those who are unfamiliar with this talented young man. 

Aminé - “REEL IT IN”

I loved this Aminé song on first listen (it appears on his latest album, ONEPOINTFIVE), but when I heard it played during a rowing class, I discovered the perfect song to accompany all of my workouts. 

 Photo by   wave

Photo by wave

Tania Kabantsov, Events

The Midnight - “Sunset”

This song is from their album Endless Summer and it captures what we are all kind of wishing right now- that summer could last for ever. This song is a synth-pop anthem to being young wild and free.

Khalid - “Better”

Honestly no one is doing R&B/Soul like Khalid right now. This is a very chill song that you can sit back and relax to by the fire sippin’ on a nice glass of scotch- nothing feels better than this...

Christine and the Queen - “TILTed”

This French artist is a super cool chick and her music is upbeat, edgy and provocative. A good friend of mine introduced me to her music and now it always reminds me of them.

 Photo by   loudandquiet

Photo by loudandquiet

Honorable Mentions

Michael Jackson - “Thriller”

You just can't have October without “Thriller".” Come on, we know you know the dance.

Benjamin Bratt- “Remember Me”

One of the most endearing songs from one of my favourite Pixar/Disney movies to date. Ok, maybe I am a little bias but “Día de los Muertos” is coming up and this song is perfect. P.S. if you haven’t watched COCO yet, you really should.

 Photo by   dailyedge

Photo by dailyedge

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