Common Speaker and Presenter Questions, Answered!

presentation Common questions we receive, answered!

How do we get the presentation to you?

What's the deadline? Now!

What if I really, really need to give it to you on-site? No guarantee, but....

Is there a timer for our speaker to monitor? No. Please time your presentations in advance.

Is there a monitor on stage? No.

Where are the screens? To the left and right of the main stage.

What file formats do you accept? PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, MP4, AVI, AVI, PDF

What size? 4:3

What kind of mic? Handheld, not lapel.

Is there a podium? Yes.

Is there a laptop provided? Yes.

Can we plug our own laptop in? No.

How do we ensure our presentation isn't missing fonts? You would need your fonts/dependancies/assets contained within your file save/export. The best option is to put it on to a USB stick then go to a virgin machine and test your presentation there.

Will there be Internet access? Yes.

Is there a teleprompter? No.

Is breakfast or lunch provided to speakers? No. Some sponsors like Uniregistry have snacks in their workshop rooms. There will also be food served at the Domain Auction and the Women in Domaining dinner.