NamesCon Global: 2019

Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal

Welcome! Congratulations on your choice to exhibit your brand, product, or service at NamesCon 2019. Here you'll find everything you need to start your team's preparations, as well as the information that you will need both during and after the conference.  

If for any reason your questions are not answered here, please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact details here.

Important Dates and Deadlines

To help us keep NamesCon running smoothly and ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner, please ensure that you and your team are aware of these important milestones, and submit your materials on time.

A thorough description of these deadlines is provided on the events page here (or click on individual calendar events for more info).

First Steps Checklist

Please complete this form immediately upon partnership confirmation.

We cannot guarantee marketing placements if materials are received after December 21st, 2018.

Next steps

  1. Register your attendees: If using a discount code or bulk company pass arrangement, please register your team ASAP.
  2. Email your logo to ( if you couldn't upload it using the form above)
    • High-resolution company logos (ALL sponsor tiers must include ONE OF EACH vector and bitmap formats)
      • Vector formats FOR PRINT: .EPS, .PDF, .AI
      • Bitmap formats FOR DIGITAL: .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF
  3. Promote your involvement: Download our web banners here for your website or social media channel.
  4. Plan your show announcements: Have a new product, service or company development to announce? Do it at NamesCon!
    • Submit any relevant press releases to NamesCon producers so we can share with registered media in advance of the conference.

Sponsor Spotlight Interviews

Here’s your chance to put your brand up front and centre – before the conference has even begun!

Your interview responses will be posted on, and shared across all social media platforms. This is a great way to reach more attendees, at no extra cost.

click here to view and submit the q&A via online form.


Featured Attendee Interviews

Get a head start on networking for NamesCon Global 2018, and let your conference colleagues know a little about you – before the event has even begun!

Your interview responses will be posted on the NamesCon website, and shared across all social media platforms. This interview series is open to anyone who is registered to attend.

click here to view and submit the q&A via online form.


Important Contacts

NamesCon Producer

Terri Potratz


NamesCon Producer

Tania Kabantsov

Xpert Expo Services


8am – 5pm (PST) Mon – Fri

Email Xpert Here

Tropicana FedEx Centre 

7:30AM – 5:30PM Mon – Fri
8:00AM – 12:00PM Sat
Closed Sun

+1 702-895-7441

Shipping Options (Inbound)

Below is a guide to shipping your booth and promotional items, both inbound and outbound.  A detailed calendar of shipping and other deadlines can be found here. 

Any promotional materials (i.e. conference bag inserts, prizes, room drop items, or items for display on common surfaces) should be sent directly to the Tropicana, using this information.


1: xpert advance shipping

  • Ship your booth furniture and equipment in advance to the Xpert Expo Warehouse and they will deliver it to your designated booth for set up.

  • This option is the safest shipping option as your materials will arrive well in advance of deadline dates.

  • You must use the “Advance Shipping” labels.

  • Please refer to the Exhibitor Kit provided by Xpert Expo for specific shipping instructions, or contact your Xpert customer service representative for more details.


2: Tropicana/Xpert Direct shipping

  • Ship your booth furniture and equipment directly to the Tropicana Hotel and Xpert will collect your shipment and deliver it directly to your booth location.

  • You must use the “Direct Shipment” labels for this option.

  • Please refer to the Exhibitor Kit provided by Xpert Expo for specific shipping instructions, or contact your Xpert customer service representative for more details.


3: bring it yourself

  • This is a viable option if you have few materials. Due to union regulations, you may only move in items that can be carried by hand - without the use of dollies, hand trucks or other mechanical equipment.

  • If you require union labour to assist you, please contact NamesCon producers.

  • If you are dropping off promotional items, banners or anything else for NamesCon, please deliver to the Bell Desk at Tropicana Front Desk, marked to the attention of Tania Kabantov.


Shipping Options (Outbound)


1: xpert expo services

  • If you coordinated inbound shipping with Xpert Expo, they will also handle your outbound shipping unless you would like to request an alternate method.

  • Please confirm your preference with Xpert Customer Service representatives.


2: Tropicana fedex business center


  • Send outbound shipments via the Tropicana Business Center with expedited, national or international postal services.

  • Please call the FedEx Business Center during opening hours for pricing and additional information.

  • Be sure to double check courier pick-up times; if you miss the deadline on Wednesday afternoon you can arrange to leave your package overnight with the Bell Desk for courier pickup on Thursday.


3: donate it to charity!

  • Want to leave it behind? Help us keep usable items out of the landfill.

  • If you have leftover furniture, stationery, or any other useful items, please let NamesCon producers know and we will oversee the delivery of those items to the appropriate venue.

Mobile App

We heard that you loved the NamesCon app, and we're bringing it back for 2018!

All exhibitors and sponsors should visit the DoubleDutch support centre to familiarize themselves with the app's functionality, and learn how to make the most of this useful tool.

Please Note: Lead Retrieval for NamesCon Exhibitors Only.


learn the features in advance – maximize your roi


The following information applies to NamesCon Exhibitors only.

booth administration 

Your Booth Administrator information (full name and email address matching Eventbrite registration) should have been included with your First Steps Checklist.

Booth Administrator Role: 

  • access your DoubleDutch Exhibitor Portal (via internet browser) 
  • edit your company page
  • publicly identify booth staff on your company page
  • allocate in-app lead scanning capabilities to booth staff
  • download full post-event lead report (via DoubleDutch Exhibitor Portal)

NB: all booth staff must be registered via Eventbrite in advance

Booth Administrator contacts submitted after the deadline will result in your company allocated a basic profile page only. We urge you to take advantage of the free benefits that this new app provides and use the DoubleDutch Exhibitor Portal to create a detail-rich experience for attendees.


DoubleDutch exhibitor portal

The DoubleDutch Exhibitor Portal is your key to building and maintaining your digital presence at NamesCon Global.

Within this complementary tool, your Booth Administrator can customize your Event app profile, add publicly accessible collateral, and add booth staff who will then have lead scanning enabled on their devices.

More information on navigating the DoubleDutch Exhibitor Portal here.



lead retrieval 

Your team is able to scan attendee badges using the in-app scanner. Using this tool, you can rate each saved lead & enter notes at any time. Your whole team will be able to see the full list of team leads as they are added in real time. 

Lead Retrieval 1-pager

Exporting leads is done in the exhibitor portal, accessible with a desktop browser. Here you can export and email a full list of your team leads.

Lead Retrieval: Quick Start Guide